The Projects, Plasma and Machine Learning (P2ML) research group was born in December 2011 and it mainly focuses its research activities on two areas:

  • Data Science
    • Machine Learning; Business Intelligence; Big Data; Internet of Things.
    • Quantum Computing.
    • Text Mining; Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • Atmospheric pressure cold plasma applications
    • Functional Plasma-polymerized coatings: Anti-friction, Promotion of Wear and Adhesion, Anti-biofilm, Pro-biofilm, etc.
    • The use of low temperature plasma for decontamination and disinfection treatments in food industry (food, devices, surfaces, etc.), packaging and medical applications.
    • Studio and characterization of the reactive chemical species created during the generation of plasma activated water (PAW) and its application.

Also, we are interested in improving our teaching activity at the Project Management area at the University of La Rioja:

  • Development of data-driven applications in educational environments (Educational Data Mining; Learning Analytics).
  • Development of tools to assess learning in Higher Education (Competence assessment in Higher Education)